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Sistemas Marítimos

Maritime Systems

Outfitting both small and larger maritime platforms, FLIR Systems offers fully marinized long-range and compact solutions. FLIR’s compact multi-sensor systems are unmatched in providing high performance in a small, lightweight package. From riverine and Special Forces boats, to littoral craft and capital ships, FLIR offers fully marinized surveillance and targeting sensors for a range of missions. FLIR's marinized long-range and gyro stabilized sensors were developed and tailored for maritime installation to provide maximum sensor range performance and increased capability over typical pan/tilt systems. Proven through extensive operational experience in the harsh environments, and on a variety of maritime platforms, hundreds of these rugged and reliable sensors are fielded on vessels around the world.

SeaFLIR 380-HD

The Only All-Digital, Full HD System

The world's first and only all-digital, full high definition system provides superior image stabilization, ultra long range imaging performance, and true metadata embedded in the digital video. The Sea SAFIRE 380-HD is fully hardened for military fixed-wing and helicopter operations so it can operate continuously in all conditions--even while sitting on the tarmac with no airflow.


SeaFLIR 280-HD

The world's first stabilized compact HD multi-sensor marinized imaging system.

Giving unrivalled long range optical and system performance, SeaFLIR 280-HD builds on FLIR Systems' rich nautical heritage. With over 1,000 marinised systems delivered since the SeaFLIR 2 was launched in 1998, FLIR has always focused on being the first to offer seaborne operators the most advanced maritime surveillance and targeting capabilities. SeaFLIR 280-HD gives a quantum improvement over every other compact system available, and is specifically tailored to give excellent long range performance in the extreme conditions found at sea.


SeaFLIR 230

Long Range, Gyro-Stabilized RSTA System Tailored for Maritime Operations

The SeaFLIR 230 is a member of the FLIR family of 9" gimballed turrets. Representing the very latest in sensor technology, the lightweight SeaFLIR 230 condenses extremely high performance surveillance and targeting capability into a compact, low mass and versatile system.




Long Range, Stabilized EO/IR System for Maritime Applications

With its digital architecture and AN/KAX-1 and -2 heritage, the SeaFLIR III provides up to four payloads: thermal imager, daylight/lowlight TV, laser rangefinder, and laser pointer, plus an IMU interface for accurate target location. The SeaFLIR III is fully qualified and proven reliable in operation in the world's harshest air, land, and maritime environments.



Powerful Long Range Multi-Sensor Imager

The SeaFLIR II is a long-range, gyro stabilized multi-sensor system that is equivalent to the AN/KAX-1 and -2. The SeaFLIR II multi-sensor thermal imaging system includes a mid-wave InSb thermal imager with an 18-to-one zoom ratio telescope, a color daylight/lowlight TV camera, and a laser pointer for indicating specific targets to friendly forces equipped with night vision devices.